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Welcome to the Models, Inc. RP web site. It is important to realise that "Models, Inc.", the MI logo and related characters are properties of the Spelling Entertainment Group.

Exclusive information from show creator Frank South coming soon (Oct 2001)!

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  • Traci came back! Therefore the new MIRP instalment may be near!
  • Interview with Teresa Hill (aka Linda)
  • also... Models vs. Melrose Place: How do they compare?
  • Full cast list
  • Character summaries and actor biographies (with photos)
  • Interview with Models, Inc. creator Frank South

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About Models, Inc.

Models, Inc. was a spin off of FOX's Melrose Place. It wasn't the best show on television during its short life, but it gave us what we wanted: trash, Dallas style. This show gave us a glimpse into the glamourous (and sometimes not so glamorous) life of several models working for Hillary (portrayed by Linda Gray), the smart and savvy owner of LA's top modeling agency, Models Inc. Several characters arrived and departed from the modeling scene, changing the dynamics of the agency and putting the models' livelihood (and sometimes their actual lifes!) in danger. To find out what you were missing see the episode guide section of the page.

Episode Guide

The original US Premiere of Models, Inc. was 29 June, 1994. Behind the cameras... Beyond the runways... There exists a world hotter than you could ever imagine. Hillary Michaels is owner of an L.A. modeling agency and runs it with her son David. From the death of Teri to the inevitable death at the wedding shooting, we've got the entire season overview.

Cast List and full characterisations

An accurate listing of nearly all of the Models, Inc. cast is available. An extensive characterisation list is also available, giving a detailed summary of each character and their relationship with other characters.

Show related formation

Many new information would be made available starting tomorrow. For example, Interview with the show's creators; with the actors, drinking game, and a lot more. Come back later for some real treats. and also, some


This section of the page will feature many interviews with the stars of the show, plus others.

  • Interview is with Frank South, co-creator of "Models, Inc." and one of the key creative forces behind "Melrose Place," has a long record of successful TV shows. He's produced and written for "Fame," "Cagney & Lacey," "Hill Street Blues," "Equal Justice," and "Almost Grown." He took a few minutes out of his jam-packed schedule to share his thoughts with fans of "Models, Inc."
  • Interview with Teresa Hill (aka Linda) If you think that being beautiful makes everything easy -- then think again. Teresa Hill, who plays dishy but naive model Linda Holden on "Models, Inc.," has survived abusive relationships, gratuitous Gilbert & Sullivan, and the million-to-one odds against showbiz success. The result? A career that already includes four movies, a prime-time soap, and a steadily-growing avalanche of fan mail. Find out more with this interview.

The "new ending"

Basically, one of the most frequently asked question emailed to me in the past year or two was, what happened at the end, when the new ending was aired?

The answer would be a few things. Firstly, the inevitable death of Grayson Louder. Secondly, Craig proposes to Julie; and thirdly, Hillary decided to close down Models, Inc.

There will be a more detailed page dedicated on the entire ending of the story with new screen captures and a description. Check back later for more details.

Models, Inc. RP

About MIRP Episodes

This web site has been created by those who watched the show, those who miss the show and those who still love the show. These same people have been diligently working and sweating over continuing storylines to help loyal MI fans get their fix. Wanna read storylines that if used by FOX for new episodes would pull more loyal viewers into the intreging web of the players? Click on the episodes below for the skinny (the models and the stories).

MIRP Archive - First Season

RP.01 - The Wedding Continues
RP.02 - Never Ending Secrets
RP.03 - It seems what it's not
RP.04 - Visit R'Us
RP.05 - Total Recall
RP.06 - The Specialized
RP.07 - Men are bad, Forever
RP.08 - The Good Son
RP.09 - Winner and Loser
RP.10 - Move In, Move Out
RP.11 - Killer Instinct
RP.12 - Rituals of Death
RP.13 - Explosion vs. Exploitation
RP.14 - Fire, Fire, Fire!
RP.15 - Death Comes As The End

MIRP Archive - Second Season

RP.16 - "Problems Don't Come Alone"
RP.17 - In Love with an Angel
RP.18 - Sweet, & Sweet Revenge

Upcoming episode

RP.19 - "Everything Dies" (draft due online July)



There used to be a mailing list in existence for all Models, Inc. fans. And then it became the homeground for the MIRP after the seemingly disappearance of most of the members, together with certain updates on TV episodes appearing.

Now. It is uncertain whether the list still exist. Try your luck.

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Images from episodes

  • section coming soon.

Images from prints

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  • Sample photographs see below. Click to see larger (warning: much larger) images.


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